Tonidigrigio is a certified training institution,
and provides training courses
in communications.

Since its foundation, Tonidirigio has been about education, exchange, interaction. In 2019, the time was ripe to undertake a certification process, by which the Marche regional authority has formally certified our agency’s capacities, resources and quality control processes; that is, our ability to provide valuable training courses.

Thanks to this certification, we can participate in public tenders for education services, obtain financing for courses and activities through Continuing Professional Development funds and other sources, and issue professional certifications. Each course is preceded by an analysis of needs, context and aims of the project, after which we design a personalised training experience, based on the client’s actual needs.

As a certified training institution, we take care of planning, securing financing, managing funds, tenders, vouchers and every other aspect of our training courses. We’re glad to collaborate with educators, teachers, professionals, training institutions and companies who share our dedication to high quality professional training.

Our training staff, a team of communications experts, will facilitate exchange and participation, making optimal use of time and resources thanks to well-proven methods and tools.

We work with Continuing Professional Development funds and access subsidized loans to finance our training courses in whole or in part. Thus, we are able to offer our training activities at minimal costs to companies. We also manage all financing-related issues, from securing funding, to designing and managing projects for participation in public tenders, to finding alternative sources of financing.

Carrying out a comparative analysis means taking a snapshot of the market segment, sketching out a map of the dominant themes of communications for a given sector, the languages used and the prevailing strategies. This map is a strategic document we can work on with the client, and allows us to define his market positioning, and to lay the foundations of an identity-building and communications strategy.

Lego Serious Play is an agile method that, through reflective play and group participation, offers companies an opportunity to reflect on their values and identity. This method helps bring to light a company’s distinctive traits, values and identity. Assisted by an experienced coach, our team will facilitate the identity-definition process by the company’s staff and management.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool that was created to help develop new business models, but can be used just as effectively for perfecting existing ones. It addresses possible strategic and organizational strategies that will allow a company to create, distribute and acquire value. Our team will work with an in-house team, picked by the company, to facilitate content sharing processes.


The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that focuses on a company’s value proposition in relation to its customer segment, helping understand what the clients’ actual needs are, and adjust the company’s value proposition accordingly. In the process, it will encourage internal debate and exchange, in which our team will participate. Ultimately, the purpose of the Value Proposition Canvas is to create contents and discuss the value delivery process.


Co-design is a participative method that actively involves the company in the development of web marketing tools, and may be used to devise and discuss improvements on existing tools. This method is essential for creating a shared operational strategy focused on web-based marketing tools.

Co-creation is a participative method that uses data collected from historical research, interviews, context investigation and strategic analysis in order to create working groups, where companies and institutional partners confront specific themes. This group discussion can be aimed at defining – for instance – an identity system, a series of cultural initiatives, or a tourism promotional strategy.