Data, the new marketing weapon

Data, the new marketing weapon

Emilie Riocreux
Display & Social Expert

Digital has revolutionized us. By simplifying our lives, it has completely changed our relationship with brands. No more waiting and patience. Amazon Prime delivers in less than 24 hours, our smartphone makes us invincible and customer reviews reassure and inspire us. As a result, marketing had to adapt. It is no longer about buying advertising space after the news, but rather about writing the user experience through different touchpoints to become part of the user’s journey.

Talk briefly about your work and what you like about data.

This ultra-personalized presence can be achieved through data. I currently work as a traffic manager for the Cospirit agency in Lyon and the data is an essential component of my job. In fact, I make strategic recommendations for my customers, manage online advertising and evaluate KPIs. In the case of the customer Jacquet (sandwich bread sold in supermarkets), thanks to the data of supermarket loyalty cards I can know the target of my customer to adapt my recommendation. It is then with the help of Google and Facebook data that I can send him a message. Finally, through different tracking systems, I can measure the effectiveness of my campaigns and the return on investment for my client. The data offers a precise and punctual key of interpretation.

Why is data measurement so important?

For Tonidigrigio, as for every advertising agency and every company, the use of data is fundamental because it allows you to frame the project and enter into a test-and-learn logic. Tonidigrigio, for example, may learn where users click, which pages they visit, for how long, and why by tracing activities on its customers' websites using Google Tag Manager. Tracking and measuring data is important from the point of view of marketing, to measure ROI, but also from the point of view of design in order to know the reading hotspots. The digital observatory gives insight on consumer trends and brand placement in markets through various studies, allowing marketing specialists to adjust their strategy.

How do you see the relationship between data and communication in the future?

Whether it’s market research, user research, or online behavioral studies, data is a valuable resource that allows companies to adapt to the real needs of consumers to ultimately improve their experience.


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