ANCONA - 2017

In collaboration with Helen Cerina (artist), Alessio Barbini (photo shooting) e Motik (video)


More than 50 participants from 5 faculties: researchers, BA and MA students, interns. During the first phase of the Lab, Helen explained a number of relational techniques and illustrated possible communication strategies.

Each tutor then chose the approach that better suited them and used it to establish relations with high school students. Shake hands, sit down or lie down, stand facing the other or side by side: those were some of the elements of the first experimentation.

Tutors have been asked to regroup according to their faculties and to share with their group stories about their personal University experience. These stories led to the selection of 5 words for each group, to be transcribed on pieces of cardboard, each color representing a faculty (Engineering, normally associated with the color black, was here associated with the color blue). These words have been used by the tutors to start conversations, asking the students to blindly pick one from the deck.

From verbal language to visive language. We asked the participants to try and graphically represent the plan of their own faculty and the plan of one of the other faculties, by choice. This experimentation aimed at evaluating the perception of a space in which they were actively involved versus the perception of a space in which they weren’t actively involved.

Eventually, all drawings were shared for everybody to choose the most effective ones. One of the group was given the task to physically represent the spaces using some duct tape. The chosen location was the floor of the hall on the floor -2, adjacent to the lab room. In this way, the overall plan of the University was also obtained.


The Tutors placed themselves inside the spaces and welcomed the students to take place in the virtual university they just entered. Using the words on the cards, they stimulated an exchange of opinions and the telling of personal stories. In this way, the students felt encouraged to ask more specific questions regarding the University world and the faculty chosen, living a different orienting experience.

At the end of the experience, the students were invited to leave their feedbacks on other cards when exiting the virtual university space.


The orienting experience was recorded on video and captured in photos. The obtained and selected material defined the visual for the new 2017 Communication Campaign of the University. The text contained inside the posters’ baloons came from the combination of words on the cardboards of the tutors and those of the students’ feedbacks. The incipit of the Body Copy is #TESTIMONIUNIVPM, title that will identify all social media campaigns. The posters 6x3m, instead, focused on the word TESTIMONI (witnesses). The common body copy contains all the keywords and their meanings.


After the pilot action that transformed the “testimonial” in “#testimoniunivpm”, Università Politecnica delle Marche decided to adopt this tutor-orienting approach in a more stable way. At the end the university experience, the students pass the torch to the new freshmen through a direct and spontaneous conversation, not in line with the classic, institutional and formal ways.