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La Mole is an historical building that hosted international music festivals and art exhibitions over the years. The Museo Tattile Statale Omero is located inside the building, along with a number of offices of the city administration and a nautical club. The identity of a place is formed in the imagination of the people who live it, and is a reflection of their backgrounds; each element then combines to create the idea of the whole. This communication has the duty to investigate the place in depth, in its guise as both physical and mental place, to be interpreted and described. La Mole's capacity to take multiple forms, relating to both the urban and the socio-cultural context of the city forces us to keep to the side-lines, giving it an identity that generates the desire in people to make that place their own.


Defining the topics of communication that will guide the propositions is the first step to create the payoff and the concept. The topics are specific, identitarian elements resulting from previous reasonings on how to fully express the peculiarities of the brand “La Mole”.



mòle [mò·le] Italian for mole [ˈmōl]
1 — Solid mass of great dimensions; proper name of some massive and impressive buildings. 2 — the base unit in the International System of Units for the amount of pure substance that contains the same number of elementary entities as there are atoms in exactly 12 grams of the isotope carbon 12 . /p>
Considering that the former Lazzaretto is known by the city administration and the population as “Mole”, we confirm the willing to use a naming coming from this denomination, affirming the intention of developing a cultural space of crucial importance for the city. We propose the use of the italian article “La” (the) to highlight the peculiarity of the entity “Mole” and strengthen the name from the phonetic point of view. Without adjectives, links and assonances, La Mole affirms the solidity of its identity and has no need for more specifications to gain importance and credibility.

Volume of the structure


The first thing we took into account to create the payoff was the will to engage a local and international public. This led us to the selection of words easily understandable by an Italian speaker, but also capable of adding value to the brand “La Mole”. “Where culture lives” focus on the place, captioning it without describing it, focusing of what happens there and what it can create. Culture lives in this place of interchanges, which is and wants to continue to be an Adriatic-Mediterranean Hub. “Culture” is left in its broadest meaning to give space to all possible arts and crafts and culture forms in this place given back to the city.


“La Mole” acquires a new, generative identity: it is now open to an extensive imagery having culture and all its declinations at its core. La Mole give space and voice to people working to promote and enhance multidisciplinary contents and expressive languages. We investigate the point of view in its multiple sensorial and significative manifestations, determining a generative process that is constantly changing.


The first level of communication disassembles the concept at the core of the institutional identity, placing it on well defined layers. We are, thus, able to isolate a first typographic level in its formal declination of the brand, a second, digital level, and a third level constituted by the colors and the signature La Mole. In this way, the identity gets stronger every time that the subject “La Mole” talks to its audience about its monthly program or the institutional meetings. An issue dedicated to the entire process that led us to the generation of the communicative languages and the identity while describing the project in depth.


At the second level, that we use when there is the necessity to communicate a customized project by La Mole, the communication becomes vertical and tridimensional also in the visual. The message adopts the formal dynamism of the logo, but it also introduces a naming study. The visual is bi-chromatic and acquires depth, interpreting the graphic elements through the predefined palette already used at the first level. The goal remains to reach a high level of identity concerning the visual language and the communicative grammar, to strengthen the initial identitary elements.


The idea of determination in a closed space as a place where to express thoughts and actions collides with the context in which it is located, in so that to transform itself from a perimeter into a trajectory. We investigate the point of view in its multiple sensory and significative expressions, determining a generative process constantly changing. Today, La Mole is not only a container, but it is assuming the role of an interlocutor that conversates with the industry players, sharing resources and opportunities. Everything, starting with the cultural production, enters a second phase and the communication uses more inclusive and dynamic instruments to foster dialogue and participation.