PISA 2018

SailADV is an engineering consulting company founded in 2015 and operating in the maritime and technical measuring sectors. Its team carries out tests and trials, 3D measurements, and lubricant analysis together with its main partners (MecOil, PortLab and QFT). Its target clusters are shipyards, surveyors and ship owners in need of faible signals analysis, downtime reduction and reduction of the guarantee costs.



Diagnosis and Monitoring
Diagnosis and Monitoring is a fundamental asset on which to build the strategic positioning and communication plan of a company in this sector. Particular surveys like sea trials and refitting or buying-selling surveys fall under the diagnosis category. On the other hand, performance analysis and trend previsions fall under the monitoring category.

It’s the topic of trust, since it communicates the experience of the team and its acquired competencies. In the nautical sector it is strategically important to build a relationship based on trust between surveyor and ship owner, and it reflects on economics aspects. To accurately convey the team’s expertise means to strengthen core values like responsibility and trust.

In order to carry out all diagnosis and monitoring operations and to maximise the competencies, it is necessary to count on the support of specific technology and engineering methods. Technology here indicates all the tools the team can use to collect and analyze data.


SailADV builds its reputation on the precision of measurements and accuracy of data interpretations. It works exclusively in the nautical sector, and carries out tests and trials especially on yachts of all lengths. These assumptions inspired the creation of a smooth line module recalling a knot, the movement of the waves and a frequency graph at the same time. The subsequent repetition of such module generates the grid on which the typography of the new logo is built. Two distinctive colors are used to separate the elements Sail and ADV.


Analyze Determine Validate
The name of the company is constituted of two linguistic elements: the verb SAIL, and the acronym ADV, standing for Analyze, Determine and Validate. These three words indicates the core activities of the business, and are semantically close to the segment’s communication topics. The generic communication topics of the segment (Technology, Diagnosis and Monitoring and Expertise) become specific for SailADV, which includes them in its payoff.

Technology > Analyze
Diagnosis and Monitoring > Determine
Expertise > Validate


Corporate Communication
The corporate communication studied for SailADV includes: coordinated image (logo design, letterhead, business cards, e-mail signature) and the company profile developed through a brochure which presents the company through the communication topics, and highlights the team.

Product Communication
The company’s services are described in dedicated cards, divided by types of service following the Analyze and Determine logic. These elements are organized in a kit containing a two-pocket folder, the cards and the brochure.

Web Communication
The website designed for SailADV opens with the graphic element that originated the typography of the logo. In line with the corporate communication, the sections of the website recall the payoff Analyze, Determine, Validate clustering the services. There is also a section dedicated to clients, where they can log into the H-System.