Beyond Yachting Experience tells the dream of some people belonging to the maritime world, watches it unveil itself and then become a real business project. A dream that causes Cantiere delle Marche to be today, 8 years after its foundation, the first shipyard in the world for Explorer Yachts construction. “Beyond Yachting Experience” talks about the journey of extraordinary men who left a permanent mark on the territories they explored. Robert Peroni, the first man to cross the Greenland's plateau without sled dogs; Nico Valesia, the first man to run across the salt desert in Bolivia; and Charles Darwin, who wrote “Origin of Species” at the Galapagos Islands. “Beyond Yachting Experience” is a limited edition book of 100 copies, each one numbered and bound with marine wire, featuring transparent pages and protected by a nautical map; the book is presented in a casket containing also a letter signed by the founders of the shipyard.

I want to tell you about a journey
I’m sailing on calm sea and I think back to the journeys of my life. I look up and see icy mountains that stand out from a red and blue landscape. I seem to hear a very strong wind, but everything around me is still and silent.

I want to tell you a dream.
My hands are modelling a piece of steel, I hear the noise of hammers and welders banging and working very hard surfaces. I look up and I see drawings and projects that sound familiar to me, sheets that seemed to be white, and are now compiled one on top of the other. I take them with care, protecting them like the most valuable thing I have. All around me seems to take shape and I start feeling better.

I recognise the voices, I can feel the thoughts, we are building something extraordinary. A new class of boats, capable of confronting the Arctic routes and the salt of Bolivia, built to go beyond the limits in yachting.